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Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods  | KC's Vapors - Oklahoma City, OK

Nothing matches the durability and adaptability of mechanical mods. When talking vaporizers, standard devices don’t always pack the punch and offer the battery life experienced vape users covet. If this is the case, you need to mod your equipment, either by altering an existing PV or building your own.

To the uninitiated, a factory brand is enough to get you started. The average person isn’t aware of the diversity existing in the vaporizing world. We can help instruct you on how to get the results you desire. By taking you through the steps to customize and upgrade your vaporizer, you will feel confident you can work your machine.

To get into the specific of mechanical mods, they are alterations to the inner workings of the vaporizing device. They rely on mechanical operations to activate the circuit and power the heating coil. By rule, they don’t house electrical components. The battery is directly connected to the heating, meaning the power and vapor output correlates to the rate of the energy drain. Generally, these mods don’t waste battery life on voltage regulators or lights.

For those inclined to electrical engineering, the refined handicraft of well-made mechanical mods far surpasses the frivolities of common APVs. You must be certain you know how to operate with battery safety in mind. Pairing mechanical mods with rebuilt atomizers is all the rage with the most savvy of users. Our experts are ready to handle any request.

APVs aren’t a bad option either. With their output controls and sleek digital displays, they can provide just as much pleasure as any other device. However, the revival of old school mechanical mods is sure to be a lasting trend.

You can’t beat the selection at KC’s Vapors, Oklahoma City. We are willing to work with you to offer the best service in the business. Let us help build your mechanical mods!

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