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E-juice (a.k.a. e-liquid, vape juice, vape liquid, etc.) is the flavorful essence of electronic vaporizers. Without it, your e-cig is just a weird metal tube with lights in your pocket. At KC’s Vapors, we give you the chance to try out our selection in store. By doing so, you make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. None of the pay and pray you get with online stores.

Nothing beats the variety of inhaling experiences you get with vaporizers. You get to express your unique tastes with over 300 choices in our catalog. Whatever you crave, we’ve got it covered. From cool and refreshing mint flavors, to the sweet and delicious fruit selection, we carry them all. Maybe you are looking for a way to replace your cigarette? E-liquids come in all sorts of tobacco and menthol flavors. It’s a great way to break the habit.

Another unique trait our store offers is an on-site E-juice mixing station. Combining flavors like a mad scientist is a fun way to enjoy the vape experience. Don’t settle for one flavor, or risk mixing them yourself. Let us do the work for you, so you get the exact taste you’re looking for. We know once we got you hooked on our cocktails, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Also, for those looking to wean themselves of the habit, we offer varying amounts of nicotine from 30mg. to none. Sometimes, maintaining the façade of smoking isn’t enough. You need to gradually work yourself off nicotine dependency. Fight the urge to reach for your pack by substituting an E-cig with some delicious vapor. Not only will the taste surprise you, your body will thank you.

It’s ALL About the Juice! And we know what we’re talking about, Oklahoma City. Stop by and pick up your E-juice today!

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